Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Shinnyuushain Tooru-kun "top-pcb" (GX469)

Shinnyuushain Tooru-kun "bottom-pcb" (GX469)

Shinnyuushain Tooru-kun

No notes.

Known as "Mikie" outside Japan.


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Finalizer (GX523)

Finalizer - Super Transformation

No notes.

Rush'n Attack (GX577)

Rush'n Attack

No notes.

IMHO ones of Konami's finest games.
Also known as "Green Beret".


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Gryzor (GX633)


The loopback plug that is supposed to give stereo sound when put on the "stereo connector" is wired wrong, or more precise it's most likely the PCB thats wrong since the plug is standard Konami, they used it for several other games.
Could be that i have an early rev of the PCB or maybe all Gryzor/Contra PCB's don't give stereosound with that plug?
It can of course be fixed by making your own plug :-)

The game that started the "run'n gun" genre or at least made it popular

I remember the Commodore 64 version better, but now i have the superior original.

Also know as "Contra".

Labyrinth Runner (GX771)

Labyrinth Runner - romboard

Labyrinth Runner

No notes.

Great little game on a little PCB :-)

Also known as "Trick Trap"


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Gang Busters (GX878)

Gang Busters

No notes.

An overhead "run'n gun" :-)

Also known as "Crazy Cop".

Hot Chase (GX763) A-board

Hot Chase (GX763) B-board

Hot Chase (GX763)

No notes.


Super Contra (GX775) Mainboard

Super Contra - romboard

Super Contra

Super Contra exist in a single PCB version also using 5 big maskroms on the mainboard instead of using a romboard.

Not as fun as the prequel.

Thunder cross (GX873) Mainboard

Thunder Cross - romboard

Thunder Cross




Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (GX963)

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

No notes.

To be honest Konami was never good at the "beat'em up/scrolling figter" genre, TMHT is an ok game at best.

In this version the "Ninja" has been replaced with "Hero" because "ninja" was a forbidden word back then i guess?. The lyrics in the title tune still sings "Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtles" though :-)


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Thunder Cross 2 (GX073)

Thunder Cross 2

The operator has replace two TTL chips... probably control related.

Not as good as the prequel, but still ok.


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Metamorphic Force (GX224)

Metamorphic Force

Looks like it is time to change the leaking capacitors on the custom sound module :-/